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Use apps across the curriculum.

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SAS Apps are the largest provider of mobile apps and websites for schools and the education sector.

Our aim is to provide communication tools to schools and education to help them save not only time, but also money, and even generate an income with a school app!

SAS Apps supports school engagement with parents as judged by OFSTED, by providing an affordable communication solution for education including a mobile app, a text messaging service, and a website.

SAS Apps offer four main products to schools, including a mobile app in which they can communicate with their parents directly, App Camp so pupils can learn to code in the classroom, Staff Absence Management and even a school website!

We are also about to launch our new and exciting text messaging service. Our affordable and market-leading text marketing solution allows your school to communicate with parents electronically via SMS text messages, all through the same SAS Apps platform.

Take a look at our promotional video

Watch our promotional video to find out more about how a mobile app for your school could save you both time and money, and allow your school or academy to improve its communication with parents.

Also included in the video is an introduction to App Camp, a cross-curricular education tool which allows children to design and create mobile apps in a classroom environment. Great for developing ICT skills, including coding and programming.

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Mellers Primary School

Amanda Dawson
Head Teacher

"The App is a really good tool for showcasing
what we do. We are reliant on it for effective
communication to parents."

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